Russo Volume

Russo Volume

Real Name

Matteo Russo & Gianluca Russo

Where are you from?

Koblenz, Switzerland

What is your musical/DJ background?

Both played the drums in their childhood

Listening to electronic music from a young age and paying more attention than others to the DJ’s skills at festivals/clubs has led to an interest in and understanding of how a song is build and how to perform a DJ-set

When did you get into music and how?

Started by buying the first DJ-controller (Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB) back in 2014 for generating some self-made mash-ups and one hour mixes with Serato. Then playing music in front of friends at parties and working on skills.

First gigs in 2017 and creating self-made music together with an experienced music producer.

In 2019 we built our own music studio for producing new music and preparing our sets. We upgraded our DJ-controller to a Pioneer DJ CDJ-RX2

Why is music/DJing your passion?

We love to see and receive the feelings and emotions from the crowd for the music we play. There`s no such feelings than playing your favourite music and receive compliments like “You played an awesome set”, “I love your music”, “You’re amazing”

What music styles do you Play?

Melodic Techno

Melodic House



Deep House

What Venues/Events have you played in the past?

GlobalParty, Zermatt

Adler Hitta, Zermatt

Ein Tag im Schloss, Lenzburg

Rave On, Baden

FORTYSEVEN Wellnes-Therme, Baden

KCUA, Leuggern

WEF, Davos

Who and what are your influences?

New and futuristic production from different labels like Afterlife Record and ANJUNADEEP. As well as inspiring and special places like mountains, lakes or castles

What have you achieved so far?

We have played at various venues and established ourselves as residents at the Global Party and the Wellnes-Therme FORTYSEVEN.

Russo Volume is now known in the region for delivering high-quality and captivating sets in the Melodic-House & Techno genre.

We’ve had the opportunity to perform in front of more than 1000 peoples at some of Switzerland’s most beautiful locations, and we received praise from both local and international known DJs and event organisers.

Self-produced track

Co-produced tracks

What is your day job?

Student of architecture


What are your future goals and plans?

We aim to increase our notoriety in our region and establish Russo Volume in various organisations

What do you think are the biggest challenges you face when DJing?

People who want to interact with the DJ while playing or even want to press some buttons, want to scratch or something like that

What do you think is the best part about being a DJ?

The DJ have the power to control the crowd. When the crowd loves the music, the reception of their feelings and emotions is the best part about being a DJ

What do you think is the worst part about being a DJ?


While Djing in front of a crowd can be exhilarating, it often involves traveling alone and spending long hours in the DJ booth.

But that’s why we are a duo and have friends and family who want to accompany us to every gig

What do you think makes a great dj?

A great DJ is a combination of:

mixing-skills (creative and seamlessly blending tracks into each other)

musical and crowd understanding/reading (track selection, tempo and timing)

Stage presence (show the crowd your passion and joy for the music)

Current favourite track(s)

Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again (Massano remix)

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