Dj Name
Bergwelt (for house and techno)
Xhameless ( for progressive/psytrance)

Real Name
Joel Graven

Where are you from?
Zermatt (CH)

What is your musical/ Dj background?

I’m not going to the clubs as much as I used to. Maybe its an age thing…

When did you get into music and how?

I always found attraction in music. It was all around wether radio or at home.
Early 00‘s, my mom had a music stereo system with a stack of music tapes i could use…
Later i loved to watch music videos on MTV and Viva.
2004-2008 I discovered house/electro house/minimal
With friends i went then to bern and zürich for minimal techno parties ,
2012 i came across progressive psytrance music and went to the iconic boom festival in Portugal for the first time.
Since then, for the last 10 years, i make 2-3 Festivals every summer.

What music styles do you play?

Psytrance/ Fullon

What Venues/Events have you played in the past?

Global Full Moon
Cube Zermatt
Psychedelic Session Vol
Progressive Session Vol
Halloween at 7h Heaven
Illusoria NYE
and many private one’s

Who and what are your influences?
Family and Friends
Music Festivals

What have you achieved so far?

Resident Dj in 7th Heaven Club

What is your day job?

Freelancer and Snowsports Instructor

What are your future goals and plans?
To spread the tribe of electric dance music
And to produce my own music.

What do you think are the biggest challenges you face when DJing?
There is no really challenges to be Dj, till it gets regularly, lets say every weekend, maybe u had a bad week and u are not in a good mood. To be at your gig at time and show up happy..

What do you think is the best part about being a DJ?
To play good music for everyone

What do you think is the worst part about being a DJ?
Not being on the dance floor, in front of the speakers

What do you think makes a great dj?

People that make parties happen, by playing their own musical taste, to their friends.